Bananas Hardboard Placemat. Set of 2

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A tribute to the green and exuberant colors and shades of the typical Florida vegetation, this hand-finished placemat comes in different jungle patterns adding different layers to your elegant dining table, transforming it and from functional to fashionable making your everyday meals into special occasions. Set of 2

The Placemats display digital impressions of my photos. They are made out of laser cut pressed wood and laminated for extra protection.

  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 15" inches.
  • Color: White

Maintenance: Each piece is hand-finished; any imperfection is due to the manual process. Do not immerse in water, hand wash or give a quick sponge. Better keep flat in a cool dry place when not using and avoid direct sunlight.

Made by order. Allow 1 week for delivery.

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